Floor excavations

Mini diggers in town hall

Mini diggers move into the Town Hall to excavate the ground floor

Over the past couple of weeks the careful task of excavating the ground floor has been underway.  When finished the Town Hall will have level access from Bucky Doo square but in order to achieve this, the current floor level needs to be lowered by about 1 meter. 

excavation hole

Excavations of the ground floor are checking the building's foundations and reinforcing as necessary

Alongside the need to remove the old floor and a substantial amount of subsoil, the contractors also need to carefully inspect the foundations of the building and reinforce as necessary.  The excavations will also reveal the original footings of the supporting pillars that will be reinstated within the building and the old town well which is understood to be in the south east corner of the building.  All work is being overseen by an archaeologist and carefully documented with photographs.

Brick infills removed

The brick infills to the arches have now been removed

The brick infills to the arches have now also been removed, revealing the Town Hall as it would have been when it was originally built.  All of the brick removed will be carefully cleaned and reused in the building.