Any Questions?

Town Hall ClockWhen will the work start?

Planning is already underway with architects and other specialist services.  It is anticipated that the building contractor will begin preparatory works at the end of this year.  Exterior work will commence in January 2011.

When will the building be finished?

We are aiming for the project to be completed and the building opened to the public in November 2011.

Potential problems?

With a project of this scale there is always the risk of unforeseen problems.  We know already that there is a historic well and the remains of St Andrew’s Chapel underneath the building – so we have an archeological advisor on board.

The weather is of course an unpredictable element but we are fortunate that the majority of the work is on the interior of the building.

The project has been planned in great detail and we have built in both time and resources to enable any potential problems to be dealt with and ensure the project remains on time and within budget.

To ensure continued town centre toilet provision, as soon as the existing sub standard toilets in the Town Hall are closed then the Town Council will be providing high quality temporary facilities in the vicinity of Town Hall until the new facilities, to be provided by West Dorset District Council, are open.

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